Other YTers I know

John The Bopper

Name: John

Genre: Comedy (John the Bopper), Gaming (AGAB, The Arcade)

Species: Toilet

Likes: Rock, Eggplant Pizza, Making Movies

Dislikes: Bob Ross, PETA, Bees

Pokken Main: Blaziken

ARMS Main: Misango

Smash Main: Kirby

One's Justice Main: All Might

Favorite Game: Splatoon 2

Channel: John the Bopper


Name: Matt

Genre: Gaming

Species: Cardmaster, Sayain

Likes: Anime, Baseball, Music

Dislikes: Off The Hook

Pokken Main: Lucario

ARMS Main: Byte & Barq

Smash Main: Bayonetta

One's Justice Main: Bakugo

Favorite Game: Fire Emblem

Channel: The Arcade

A Twitch Gamer

Name: Mike

Genre: Gaming

Species: Disembodied voice

Likes: Gaming, YouTube

Dislikes: Trends

Pokken Main: Shadow Mewtwo

ARMS Main: Ninjara

Smash Main: Corrin

One's Justice Main: N/A

Favorite Game: The Legend Of Zelda

Channel: A Twitch Gamer


Name: Connor

Genre: Gaming

Species: Human

Likes: Anime

Dislikes: Anything that isn't anime

Pokken Main: None

ARMS Main: Random

Smash Main: Inkling

One's Justice Main: Asui

Favorite Game: Dead By Daylight

Channel: Average Gaming At Best


Name: Vincent

Genre: Gaming

Species: Meme

Likes: Undertale, Waluigi

Dislikes: Anime

Pokken Main: Blastoise

ARMS Main: Helix

Smash Main: King K Rool

One's Justice Main: Endeavor

Favorite Game: Undertale

Channel: Awesome Man Vin